Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies

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When I think of my favorite cookie, I automatically think of warm, chewy, melt in your mouth peanut butter cookies. This was the first recipe I knew that I wanted to try and recreate because every single recipe that I’ve seen and tried only made crunchy or way too soft cookies, I’ve never found an in between. But my recipe surely fits the bill! Not only do they taste amazing but they smell just as good. They definitely are a crowd pleaser amongst my family and my friends at school. My chewy peanut butter cookies are sure to remind you of grandma’s house and will leave you going back for another!

Bake Time: 11-13 minutes Makes: 36 cookies

What you’ll need

1 cup of firmly packed brown sugar

1 cup of white granulated sugar

1 cup of butter or margarine (softened at room temperature)

1 cup of creamy peanut butter

2 large pasteurized eggs 

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract 

2 cups of white flour

1/2 teaspoon of  fine salt

2 teaspoons of baking soda

Optional: add semi-sweet chocolate chips using desired amount for a gooey surprise! 


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Cream together the sugar, butter and peanut butter in a large glass bowl (preferably using a bowl or hand held electric mixer.)
  3. Add eggs and vanilla.
  4. Whisk together all of the dry ingredients. (Flour, baking soda and salt.)
  5. Add all of the dry ingredients gradually while using a rubber spatula to mix it (If you add it all at once it will feel like your arm is about to fall off, adding it gradually makes it easier to combine the wet and dry ingredients making it way easier to mix.) (Optional: If you decided to use chocolate chips, fold them into the already mixed batter. But be careful, if you add to many they will taste like chocolate chip cookies!)
  6. Proceed to licking excess cookie batter off of the spatula. You deserve it!
  7. After enjoying your delicious and homemade batter, roll them into 1 inch balls (I used a 1 inch ice cream scoop to insure perfect circles, but no matter what shape or size they are they will come out amazing! But remember, the bigger the size the longer the cooking time.)
  8. Using a fork press lightly to make the iconic criss-cross pattern. (Optional: After making pattern, place the top cookie into more granulated sugar. This will create a nice shine but I personally think that it makes it overly sweet.)
  9. Bake at 350 degrees for 11-13 minutes, or until golden brown around edges.
  10. Let cool on pan for 4-5 minutes, then transfer onto a dish, stand or plate. Enjoy!

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Come back in two weeks for my soft baked chocolate chip cookies! 



15 thoughts on “Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies

  1. Chelsea these look amazing and sound even better! I can totally relate to making cookies that never have the perfect amount of chewiness. Luckily, I have your great recipe to fix that problem. Although these sound delicious I don’t really like peanut butter, but I was thinking I might just swap it out for Nutella and maybe some white chocolate chips instead. Do you think they will still work out? I’m hoping the swap won’t affect the chewiness! Thanks for the recipe, I will definitely be trying it out sometime soon!

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    • Hey Kristy, thanks for your feedback! Your question is a real challenge. Peanut butter is quite salty and semi-sweet so it replaces some of the salt that you will have to use. Nutella is sweeter than the peanut butter but it still has the same consistency. If you replace the peanut butter with nutella you should add 1 teaspoon of salt rather than 1/2. Adding the chocolate chips will be perfectly fine, but be careful with how many you add because it will become overly sweet!


  2. Chelsea,
    I love peanut butter so these cookies sound delicious! I haven’t ever used an ice cream scoop to measure out cookie dough but that is a very helpful tip and I will use that the next time I make cookies. I can’t wait to see the recipe for your milk chocolate cookies! I am sure they will be amazing!

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    • Hey Elizabeth! I’m glad you think that these sound delicious. I just recently started using the ice cream scoop because when I did it by hand they baked unevenly. The ice cream scoop sure is a lifesaver! I can’t wait to bake the next ones to share with you!


  3. Chelsea, those cookies look amazing! I need to try to bake them! I’m not a great baker but these cookies sound amazing. I’m going to start using an ice cream scoop to measure stuff now, that was a great idea! I can’t wait for more recipes by you!


    • Hey Rachel! Trust me, you don’t have to be great at baking to bake these! The ice cream scoop really makes a difference! Thanks for the comment!


    These “Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies” look delicious! I’ve only had peanut butter cookies a few times in my whole life, and I remember them to be pretty good. I’ve never baked cookies before, do you think I should try this out myself? Regardless, I think you’ve done an excellent job in both delivering a clear and user-friendly guide and making my mouth water. After you’ve released quite a few recipes, I think you should totally create a list of your favorite (Both to eat and bake). It would be interesting to see how they compare to other peoples’ tastes and it might give you an idea of what recipes you should release next.



    • Hey Greg! Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it! I think you should try to bake cookies, they’re fun and are a real treat for your family and friends. I think that it’s a great idea to do that, it never even crossed my mind! Thanks for the idea!


  5. Hello master chef Chelsea! These made me automatically want to drown in cookies. I’ve never seen or made peanut butter cookies but now I can. I also love some chocolate with my cookies and it’s awesome you give that as an option as part of the recipe. I have to ask though how did you get the cookies to be that perfect chewiness. It seems like a hard thing to accomplish. Also would you think these would taste better with cold milk or warm milk?


    • Hey thedailylife12! Cookies are definitely my favorite thing to drown in. I also think it’s good to give people options because it tells people that they aren’t limited to only the recipe and they can really get creative! When it came to the chewiness I made sure to bake the cookies until they were brown on the outer rims so that when they were taken out they were still soft, not underbaked, so that when they cooled they hardened and got chewy. I think these cookies taste better with cold milk, it’s refreshing when eating warm or sweet cookies!


  6. Hey Chelsea! It’s hard to find a good recipe anymore. Especially because i’m not good at baking. With your directions and recipe it made it super easy to make them. They tasted delicious. I for sure will be coming back for more recipes. What will you share next? Maybe one of those 10 minute recipe things? See you in the next post!


    • Hey Cam! I’m relieved that it was easy and that they tasted delicious! Next week Sunday I will be making soft baked chocolate chip cookies. When making cookies it is really hard to do it under 10 minutes, maybe I’ll try some no bake cookies for a quick treat!


  7. My two favorite things in this world are peanut butter and cookies. This is heaven. I will have to make these ASAP. I’ve made chocolate peanut butter cookies before and they are to die for! These cookies seem perfect for a a cold winter night with a hot cup of hot cocoa. MMMMMM, defiantly going to make them for christmas. Have you ever tried using chunky peanut butter for these cookies? I think that would add a good crunch to these soft cookies. Keep up the awesome cookie recipes and I can’t wait to see your new cookie recipes! 🙂


    • Hey Victoria! These cookies are definitely great for cold nights, especially when they are warm out of the oven! I have never thought about using chunky peanut butter, probably because it has a lot more salt in it. Really all you would have to do is lower the amount of salt added and they’ll be great! The crunch will be a perfect pair with the chewy peanut butter! Thanks for your feedback! 🙂


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